KESENS Industrial Holdings (Shanghai) Co., Ltd. is a comprehensive joint-share enterprise engaged in the manufacture and sale of auto parts (systems), development of mineral resources, equipment import and export, and international trade. KESENS is consisted of three separate business units: automotive business, mineral resource and industrial business.    
    KESENS automotive business includes 3D modeling, computer-aided engineering(CAE), vehicle evaluation and road test , automotive components design and manufacturing as well as  independent aftermarket parts distribution. KESENS wholly-owned and jointed factories are located in Shanghai, Zhejiang, Sichuan, Guangxi, and Shandong, which supply following productions for both domestic and foreign OEMs: starter, alternator, fuel pump and fuel pump module, engine management system, window lifter motor, exhaust system, oxygen sensor, position & speed sensor and engine actuators.     
    Relying on overseas mining investment and Megalink Resources (Hong Kong) Co., Ltd. as the main trading platform, KESENS engages in the international trade of iron ore, molybdenum ore, heavy oil, methanol, plastics and other commodities. KESENS is also active in developing gold mine and copper mine. Meanwhile, KESENS is gradually developing mining resources in Middle East, Australia, South America, and Africa through barter trade, direct investment, equipment investment, and technology shares. KESENS carries out extensive cooperation with major domestic steel mills, ore traders, and concentration plants.    
    Based on Megalink Metallurgy Industrial Corporation (MMIC) and KESENS Hong Kong, KESENS actively participates in international bidding and projects. With cooperation of major domestic automotive manufacturers and equipment suppliers, KESENS develops its own technology as well as technical integration to provide both domestic and foreign customers with complete sets of equipment and EPS solution programs.

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