Hand in hand to create a bright future: KESENS & NOVOSENSE Strategic Signing Agreement
2021-08-28 15:08:03

Since 2021, based on the long-lasting global chip shortage, KESENS has actively sought to the strategy to minimize the impact of the market. Meanwhile, with the increasing demand for domestic and foreign orders, KESENS actively cooperated with the excellent domestic chip supplier- NOVOSENSE Micro. After several rounds of high-level strategic discussions and communication, the two parties reached a further cooperation and chip supply plan.

On August 16, the "Signing Ceremony of Strategic Cooperation between KESENS Power Technology (Jiaxing) Co., Ltd. and Suzhou NOVOSENSE Microelectronics Co., Ltd." was held in the Artificial Intelligence Industrial Park of Suzhou Industrial Park. KESNES Chairman Chen Zhixian, General Manager Chu Guiting, NOVOSENSE CEO Wang Shengyang, COO Wang Yifeng attended the meeting. The two parties not only gave a detailed introduction to the company's development plan, but also fully communicated on chip supply and future cooperation.

During the meeting, KESENS and NOVOSENSE executives and technical leaders conducted in-depth discussions on topics such as "project support", "domestic and foreign project cooperation opportunities", etc. The two parties reached a strategic cooperation agreement on sensors and chip products, and jointly promoted the in-depth cooperation of sensors and chip applications on the basis of the original good cooperation, so as to ensure the rapid development of the two parties in the domestic and foreign auto parts market.

NOVOSENSE is currently an excellent supplier of high-performance and high-reliability signal chain chips in China. The company has independent intellectual property rights and rich IP accumulation in the fields of MEMS, high voltage isolation, mixed signal chain processing, sensor calibration, etc. NOVOSENSE's sensor signal conditioning chip, sensor IC, digital isolation chip/interface chip and other technologies can provide high-performance analog chips and one-stop solution for KESENS' new energy ECUs, sensors and other related products.

The empowerment of NOVOSENSE has promoted the development and commercialization of new applications in the fields of new energy ECUs, pressure sensors, magnetic sensors, rain sensors, etc. At the same time, it provides domestic alternative chip solutions for KESENS, which greatly enhances the core competitiveness of KESENS products in the sensor field, and helps OEMs and customers to solve the supply bottleneck of chip shortages.

The signing of this strategic cooperation agreement is not only a joint cooperation between KESENS and NOVOSENSE, but also a new starting point for the two parties to enhance friendship and long-term relationship, deepen practical cooperation, and achieve mutual benefit and win-win progress. In the future, KESENS will continue to strengthen in-depth cooperation with outstanding companies in various fields, complement each other's advantages, make a comprehensive preparation for the intelligent automobile industry in the future, and make contributions to the construction of green, environmental, scientific and technological and innovative environment for the automotive industry.