MIMS 2022 came to a successful end, KESENS helped domestic chips to open up the Russian market
2022-08-26 16:58:53

MIMS auto mobility Moscow 2022 came to an end on August 25th. Although Russia was severely sanctioned by the west countries, the four-day exhibition attracted more than 600 enterprises and exhibitors from more than 20 countries. Emerging developing economies represented by the government, together with large domestic enterprises, organized delegations to participate in the exhibition, showing the momentum of ambitious entry into the Russian market.

In this exhibition, KESENS opened a new path and exhibited a large number of sensors and electronic control unit products dominated by domestic chips, which are widely used in automotive electronic products such as pressure, hall, gas sensors and body, power and chassis control. For several consecutive days, KESENS won the continuous attention and negotiation visits of the Ministry of electronic industry of Russia and local automobile manufacturers in the exhibition, and won the intention contract of more than 1 billion RMB.

During the days in Russia, KESENS team also visited relevant Russian government departments, cooperative enterprises, Chinese banks, universities, etc., and conducted in-depth discussions on Russia's industrial policy, R & D capacity, capital settlement, cooperative projects, chip joint development, etc; This visit and exhibition in Russia gave KESENS a new understanding of Russia for emerging market, and laid a good foundation for subsequent market development and expansion of KESENS' brand image in Russia.

KESENS' management took the exhibition results as an opportunity to upgrade the office in Russia, help domestic chip enterprises to find application scenarios, and provide sufficient support for KESENS' full vehicle support and the Russian after-sales market.