• KESENS has always attached great importance to technology research and development. By the end of 2020, it has more than 30 professional and technical personnel such as hardware engineers, software engineers, product engineers, process engineers, among which more than 60% of the technicians have medium and senior titles, and are gradually developing, enriching and growing.

  • After more than ten years of accumulation of R&D experience, KESENS has participated in the R&D and has matched application of ECU systems for many mass-produced vehicles at home and abroad, and has accumulated millions of vehicles in mass production, based on rich engineering experience. Professional field covers matching calibration, vehicle certification, data analysis, software testing and development, technical solution consultation, etc.

  • KESENS concentrates superior resources, devotes itself to the research and design of automotive sensors, continuously explores new manufacturing technologies and new methods, and has formed own key technologies and patents, which are widely used in main business.

So far, KESENS has 20 invention patents, 55 utility models, 1 appearance patent, 30 software copyrights, and a number of patents are under review.

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