KESENS Engine Management System (EMS) achieved a rapid development in the market, based on low fuel consumption, low emissions and strong power.
KESENS provides low-cost and high-performance engine management system for customers. The system consists of 16-bit / 32-bit engine control unit, mechanical throttle body and various sensors (crank position sensor, cam position sensor, throttle position sensor, oxygen sensor, coolant temperature sensor, knock sensor, TMAP sensor)and actuators (idle air control valve, dual ignition coil, gasoline injector,canister purge valve).


◆ 32-bit high-performance master control chip

◆ Support mechanical or electronic throttle

◆ Support natural suction or pressurization system control

◆ Support EGR, PDA, DVVT

◆ Torque based system control

◆ Support start-stop system control

◆ Complete safety monitoring algorithm meets ISO 26262 ASIL C level

◆ Support for multiple transmission control systems, such as AT/AMT/CVT/DCT

◆ Meet the requirements of Euro iv, Euro V and Euro VI regulations

◆ Improve the service life of vehicles

System Components

  • 32bit ECU

  • Oxygen Sensor

  • Gasoline Injector

  • Ignition Coil

  • Temperature Absolute Pressure Sensor

  • Grank Position Sensor

  • Throttle Position Sensor

  • Coolant Temperature Sensor

  • Cam Position Sensor

  • Knock Sensor

  • Throttle Body Assembly